A strange headline with an arguably even stranger backstory. Here’s what occurred;

@TradCatWeebo posted this tweet, also later claiming to be a parody account.

To be fair, there is a lot of nonsense on Twitter. The sheer volume of garbage posts there do make it difficult to tell parody from truth at times.

A common excuse online is to, after receiving backlash, suddenly claim you were just joking, or are a parody account. Which further complicates speculation at times.

At least their bio, posts, and username do seem to point to the account being a legitimate parody account.

All of this led to a very strange rant from @Rev_Con

If you thought that was bad, it gets worse.

So apparently if you’re attracted to Asian Women you’re a pedophile as well as an incel and whatever other buzzword they can come up with. Add in some legitimate racism by saying all Asian Women are flat…

People in the comments began to clap back.

As @Rev_Con became more desperate to rebuttal the bombardment of response that made fun of their antics, things got stranger and stranger.

At this point, with how weird this has gotten, perhaps @Rev-Con is actually, simply, a RolePlaying account?

However, as mentioned before… we should never underestimate the amount of legitimate bad takes that flood Twitter. The supply is nearly endless.

Decide what you will but that’s enough Twitter for one morning, now it’s time for more coffee.

( Thanks, animatic80 for the tip. )

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  • doublejanime  January 30, 2020 at 5:32 pm

    I would like to point out that I’ve used the following response to silence these idiots who think this (surprisingly many idiots think it): what you are implying is asian women cannot be loved or found attractive because of their body type. This is insensitive because many women are self conscious about their bodies and you are body shaming. My friend is horribly embarrassed by her chest size and yet I can guarantee id love her no matter what. You havent offended the people who like flat chests. Youve offended the women with flat chests. Take a break from social media please.

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