A few days ago Ishuzoku Reviewers became the 2nd highest rated anime on My Anime List. Although it’s moving down the ranks already, as of writing this it’s still in the top 10.

Ishuzoku Reviewers Becomes 2nd Highest Rated Anime on MAL, Despite Funimation Dropping It, Hilarious!

The entire situation is covered in the above report if you need more backstory.

My Anime List has since vowed to “fix” the situation.

For the record; in covering this situation myself in multiple reports, I never once asked my community to upvote Ishuzoku Reviewers on MAL, it’s just not my style.

However, even I must say that I believe MAL is handling this situation terribly. Here’s why;

Nux and Noble received around 800,000 views or more on their Ishuoku Reviewers/MAL videos.

Other YouTubers also covered this, for example between myself and Yellow Flash, we have another couple hundred thousand views.

So MAL, in actuality, received somewhere around 1 million views worth of free promotion from all of this between various channels.

Let’s continue, first with this post by a MAL forum mod…

First of all, it seems MAL is somewhat censoring topics related to Interspecies Reviewers being dropped.

“- All threads created after this timestamp must be only about the story of the anime itself.
— Creating new threads related to the rating or companies cancelling it may lead to immediate bans.
– Discussion relating to the entry’s score/rating/vote brigading/etc goes here.
— Posts in other discussion threads about this may lead to immediate bans.
– Complaints about the decision to nullify all votes related to the brigade (be they up or down votes) can go in this suggestion thread.”

Perhaps even more telling is MAL’s refusal to name LostPause and NuxTaku, the two anime YouTubers being referenced in the post.

“What happened to the score?
On Wednesday, one YouTuber told his 1 million followers to go to MAL, register an account if necessary, and vote Ishukozu Reviewers a 10. Another YouTuber with 1.4 million followers has now jumped on the bandwagon and told his followers to do the same.”

It is as if they’re afraid of indirectly “promoting” the YouTubers.

MAL would be much better off enjoying the memes from this situation, thanking the new members on the site, and mutually promoting Nux and Noble.

They can do all of that while still working to remedy the votes and the anime community would see them in a much better light. But that’s just my 2 cents.

It gets worse by the way.

Even on Twitter Kineta, “Lead Administrator” for MAL according to their bio; refuses to name Nux or Noble.

But it still gets much worse.

How about implying that Nux/Noble are insane or allowing “internet fame” to get to their heads? Oh and let’s call their communities “easily-influenced mobs” too. Great idea MAL. Wonderful.


“I wanted to make a follow-up post here, in light of the current onslaught of Ishuzoku Reviewers—led by one individual who has seemingly either lost his marbles or let internet fame get to his head. Thanks to this individual’s easily-influenced mob followers, Ishukozu Reviewer’s score has been tampered with so badly, it makes the trolls who spammed Chihayafuru 3 look weak”

“Finally, I just want to say thanks to the rational-thinking users who posted or thought things similar to some comments in this reddit thread. I know it soothed the moderator team a little to see others recognize that this senseless action only harms volunteers and users of an unrelated website.”

As Kineta mentioned, some reddit users rallied to support MAL.

The top post in the reddit thread discussing the situation about I.R. and MAL is of course full of salt and double standards.

“To just go and intentionally sic your viewers on em is just thoughtless at best and mean spirited at worst. “

As I wrote above, between the various channels covering this situation, MAL in actuality received around 1 million views worth of free promotion throughout this situation.

The claim that viewers are being “sicd” on MAL is also disingenuous. People were simply asked to go there and upvote Ishuzoku Reviewers. On top of that, Nux even encouraged his viewers to legitimately use MAL while they were there if they wanted.

“It’s funny but also kinda not.” “I did have a good kek out of it tho”

Classic double standards here. Rules for thee not for me. Reddit can laugh at the situation while condemning the YouTubers. Yes, preach from your soap box reddit.

By the way, despite the reddit post talking about MAL being run by volunteers, you can go there and see there are ads/Affiliate Marketing on the website. It is reasonable to assume that the extra traffic to the site likely provided additional gross profit to MAL.

They also have an advertising form which the minimum accepted budget is $10,000-20,000 a month.

MAL also claims;

“Each month we display 150 million page views to over 12 million unique visitors.”

These claims are no joke. There are plenty of sites out there with fully paid staff who have analytics that are a far cry from this.

So if reddit wants to get mad about volunteers allegedly not being paid, maybe they should go to MAL with that criticism and not attempt to use it as merit against the YouTubers.


But it seems Shymander ( Social Media Manager for MAL in their bio ) also wants to use the volunteer argument.


Shymander also doesn’t seem to know what “bot accounts” are. This is already funny but made even more comedic because fellow staff, Kineta as posted above, attempted to clarify that they are not bot accounts.

Great idea to call Nux an asshole too. Really doing a top tier job on social media there, “Social Media Manager”.

So, MAL staff claims the volunteers have to fix this situation. It’s going to be “back breaking” work. Why is MAL then, allegedly, making the volunteers handle this and not their paid staff?…

I have to admit, my impression of MAL declined greatly from when I started writing this report to the end of it.

Video discussion of this report;

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  • SchRita  February 14, 2020 at 9:50 am

    I stopped using MAL not only because their site barely improved over the years (as opposed to AniList e.g.), but also because of how they treated their userbase after the little fiasco a couple of years ago. This post was just a reminder that I did the right decision of moving.
    I just find it crazy how they put the blame on others while during these years they failed to develop the site properly, even they have a support system as well:
    Some functions are locked unless you pay. (Unlike AL – they made it a point not to lock functionalities behind a paywall, if you do pay, you get some fancy stuff.)

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