This news follows a wave of hate leveled at My Hero Academia, its creators, and the fans, throughout 2020.

From people sending death threats to Horikoshi over the name Shiga Muruta.

To people being enraged over the BIRTH DATES of characters in the show…

And the more recent news, where a group of people in China were planning to meet at Horiksoshi’s apartment under malicious pretenses.

2020 has been a difficult year to be a fan of My Hero Academia and surely even more difficult on Kohei Horikoshi and others producing the series.

Fans of My Hero Academia are in this together, many uniting under the hashtag #SupportHorikoshi.

The news hasn’t been all bad. For example, the group that planned to go to Horikoshi’s apartment, had their plan completely fall apart as fans spread awareness to their threats. Ultimately, causing the haters to delete evidence of their plans and seemingly go into hiding.

Unfortunately, however, the hate has yet to cease entirely…

The newest incident, which we are reporting to you here today, involved Japanese idol Kaki Haruka.

The situation posted and explained generously by @alice33581

The tweets compiled in both Mandarin and English, going over the situation.

“Kaki Haruka is a member of Nogizaka46’s 4th Generation. She updated blog on 13 April 2020 Nogizaka46 updates blog photos(without words) on weibo(China SNS) as well. However, Chinese fans left comments ask them remove todoroki’s pic because of BNHA… Later, it was removed.

As I know, she have said she loved BNHA before, updated on 14 Dec 2019. I don’t understand why Chinese fans always want to control others. If she is really your idol, then you should respect her instead of behaving like a child. So childish

14 December 2019 Nogizaka46 blog link: http://blog.nogizaka46.com/fourth/smph/2019/12/053958.php 13 April 2020 Nogizaka46 blog link: http://blog.nogizaka46.com/fourth/smph/2020/04/055885.php You could use website google translate to check the content”

Haruka’s social media posts with Hero Academia art/cut outs.

The comments section of her receiving backlash and calls for her to delete them.

Which ultimately seems to have led to the posts being deleted…

It is very sad. My Hero Academia is such a positive show with such a great fandom. It’s very unfortunate how a small fraction of that fandom drags the rest of the fandom down and also advocates outrage culture, which these Hero Aca haters seem to be all about.

I’m not too sure what can be done besides showing Horikoshi and the production team how much we love and appreciate their work under hashtags like #SupportHorikoshi.

Coverage of the haters rediculous actions seems to help somewhat, as we saw recently with the “apartnment situation”. The coverage and awareness seemingly spooking the people who potentially wished harm on Horikoshi. Or even worse, planned on inflicting such.

However, there’s another side to that coin, where some of the haters may enjoy the attention.

So far, I think what the fans are doing is working, but it’s still undeniable that even so – the hate against My Hero Academia seems to have increased in 2020 and isn’t slowing down much yet either.

(Special thanks to @alice33581 and @animenews_news for posting and explaining this situation.)

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