Over the years, Patreon has seen an increasingly tight set of rules. At times, out-right banning users of the platform for arguably dubious reasons.

Now, it seems Patreon may find anime to be problematic, which is a recurring theme in 2020 for some reason.

@bbq_bq created this tweet in response to what allegedly occurred to the artist @Waero_Re. Claiming this post was from their Patreon;

@kakuume chymed in, also apparently having somewhat similar issues;

As you can imagine, people aren’t very happy with Patreon;

Many artists on Patreon have moved over to pixiv. Perhaps another wave of artists leaving Patreon is coming up…

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  • Pizz001  March 13, 2020 at 6:27 am

    I think you need to update this as it seems at least one of the tweets you copied into this has been deleted and removed, as its facts were faked, pity I was thinking you were going to be better then ANN but it seems your not checking facts, and btw its the last tweet and the data wrong plus oddly …your not using numbers from the USA which are worse and where you are based over a now-deleted tweet

  • NyanNet  March 13, 2020 at 11:28 am

    Can you please try to be more specific? You’re not really making sense here. You’re saying “the last tweet” had its “facts faked” and “deleted” but the last tweet in this report is this one;
    “um. wtf is ‘japanese style!?’ that can literally be anything.” So that doesn’t make sense with the context you are providing. The main tweet in this report is the embed which still works, it’s not deleted.

    Not to mention that I said this alleged at the moment and we should see if more artists report similar issues. It even says alleged in the title, it doesn’t get much clearer than that.
    So if you are serious, please clear up your point. Thanks!

  • Pizz001  March 14, 2020 at 2:25 am

    Sorry that was a thier was confusion for a few reasons one was me as I’m ill at the sec on meds, so please forgive me at the time I made the comment, I should have waited for the effects to wear off more for it to make sense as I’m now doing, so I’m happy to help clear it up.
    The tweet I was talking about was the last one by #HindsightIs2020project and the data on thier now-deleted tweet
    ( which if you click on your own page link is gone, oddly after only a few hours after the release of your article )
    as I’m from the UK and searched the info finding nothing to back it as I was a bit shocked to see if it was true and was on any UK .gov, R.S.P.C sites or others which its not,
    so I was a bit upset that you would use a post that was deleted/removed within a few hours of you posting this article that was my reason for the checking facts comment as its the same as ANN has done before, as we all know they have done in the past inc faking photos, posts and whole articles to get clicks etc
    (as I’m hoping this site will be better than that **** site and grow)
    that was my point,
    as I can well believe that Patreon is more than willing to unfairly ban Japanese style! anime art, as they have been banning lots of other stuff as I deal with Japanese / Chinese novel translations, as Patreon is run by a group muppets that seem to get upset at whatever twitters SJWs/NPC’s are upset about this week

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