Ruby Rose, one of the main stars of Rooster Teeth’s staple series RWBY, must have gotten in some hot water with someone over at company to end up in the state she is in. It appears over the last couple of months many eager fans of the series have ordered merchandise of the adoring character, only to find out that she was decapitated upon arrival.

A user twitter brought this morbid phenomenon to light when they discovered that the Rooster Teeth Store’s supposed curated roll of pictures from satisfied customers had placed a picture of the decapitated Ruby figure as the main feature.The statue in question is the Limited Edition Alpha Beowolf Battle Statue that is currently on the Rooster Teeth Store for around $500. The price apparently was lowered following the above tweet.It just so happens, that multiple customers have complained that for some strange reason Ruby Rose would always arrive with either no head on her shoulders or that her head would immediately fall off upon being touched.

Responding to the tweet above, another user shared their story about how they very recently purchased one of the older, more affordable Ruby Rose figures only to discover a scene straight out of a horror movie upon opening their online purchase.From the look of things, either someone has an axe to grind with the huntress from Beacon or Rooster Teeth just has terrible quality control when it comes to their merchandise. Could also be a combination of both. It is more realistically the later considering other twitter users began sharing their ill misfortune with buying items from the RT store. Unlike Ruby, those items still kept their head on their shoulders. Go figure.

Whatever the deal maybe, Rooster Teeth needs to step up its game and ensure that their paying customers are getting the value for what they are spending.

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