According to Google Trends, RWBY has had a massively declining interest over the years.

The peak interest being between February 14 and February 20, of 2016. Over 4 years ago. 

In what seems to be a potential attempt to renew interest in the series, RoosterTeeth announced “3 new #RWBY shows coming this year for FIRST members!”

Unfortunately, the tweet seems to over hype the news a bit.

Fans of RWBY are very vocal with what they’ve been wanting from Rooster Teeth when it comes to more RWBY content. New RWBY content we would really want?

  • A Team STRQ Spinoff series.
  • A Spinoff or short OVA of Neo’s backstory.
  • New season of RWBY Chibi.
  • More, NEW, World of Remnant episodes.

These are all things that again, fans have been very vocal about. There is high demand for there.

However, unfortunately, the 3 “new RWBY shows” that we are getting… According to their blog post on the topic

“a FIRST-exclusive behind-the-scenes talk show hosted by the one-and-only Kerry Shawcross. ”

“Later in 2020, we will premiere a FIRST-exclusive live action series that sees members of Rooster Teeth Animation, and probably some special guests, play through a RWBY-inspired Dungeons & Dragons campaign set in the world of Remnant.”

“We’re also in the early stages of development on a handful of new animated shorts featuring original RWBY fairy tales. “

Out of the 3 announcements, the animated shorts featuring original RWBY fairy tales sounds a bit promising. However, the other 2 programs seem rather out of touch with what the fans want.

Not to be rude, but many fans are more interested in actual RWBY content as opposed to behind the scenes talks or live action games played by R.T. personaltities.

We want actual RWBY content. Hopefully the fairy tales provide that, at least somewhat.

It’s still surprising to me that RoosterTeeth has fans telling them exactly what they want and yet, nope.

For example, one of the most liked tweets in the thread posted by R.T. about this news mentions a STRQ spinoff;

As if this wasnt bad enough, let’s get to the headline.

It seems that RoosterTeeth is posting World of Remnant episodes from YEARS ago, all over again…

For example, WoR “Huntsman” is from way back in Volume 3.

An argument can be made that R.T. is switching things up by posting WoR videos that were once exclusive to the RoosterTeeth website, onto YouTube for people who haven’t seem them before to get a chance at doing so now.

However, that’s besides the point of this article.

The fact is, this is old content. Many years old.

And the 3 new RWBY series coming up? Seem a bit to be a bit of a miss…

It’s not that I just have a bone to pick with RoosterTeeth, for example in 2019 when they announced “Volume 8 and 9 in production already”, I covered the news and even in my title said

“A positive step forward?…”

However, the facts are undeniable. Interest in RWBY is extremely low compared to previous years.

The new announcements don’t seem that interesting.

What fans actually want doesn’t seem to be what we’re getting.

And now, Rooster Teeth is posting old World of Remnant episodes.

All of this combined with the general bad news going on with RoosterTeeth throughout 2019 and now 2020, doesn’t paint a bright future for fans of the once beloved series, RWBY.


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4 Response Comments

  • Connie  March 14, 2020 at 2:51 pm

    I don’t see the problem. We see big tit Salem.. It’s a win.
    -Confessions of User.

  • NyanNet  March 14, 2020 at 3:55 pm


  • OneManCast  March 14, 2020 at 7:12 pm

    I don’t believe this is just a retread. I think this is Salem trying to overwrite old history, from her perspective. It wouldn’t be surprising if Season 8 is the end of Remnant, with Salem victorious. Only to make a new version of it with her own change of the history.

  • RedRiot88  March 14, 2020 at 8:23 pm

    There is no argument to be made, those videos of WoR have always been on their YouTube channel, they never were exclusive to their site. I know that because I have each and every single one of them. From YEARS.

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