Throughout 2019, Texas based production company Rooster Teeth, has faced an unfathomable amount of bad news.

From the Vice President of Product and Engineering, Michael Quinn being investigated for spousal abuse, to immense backlash for raising “FIRST member” prices upwards of 300%.

The list goes on and on… So much so I had to make an entire playlist dedicated to coverage of the misfortunes of Rooster Teeth.

Well, now we have news of “another” potential termination of employee Christina Parrish. This is a strange situation, with a bit of a lack of transparency from some of the parties involved.

Let’s take a look…

Early on in 2019, Christina Parrish had apparently been terminated from Rooster Teeth.

…And hired again.
This was during a period of time that some insiders were alleging that Rooster Teeth had some “unannounced lay-off’s” going on.
Well, now it seems that Christina Parrish has been potentially terminated again, and even alleges some sloppy handling of business behind the scenes;
As of writing this, it isn’t 100% clear if Parrish has been terminated from Rooster Teeth, or what exactly is going on.
Her Twitter bio still lists her as employed by RT.


The public perception regarding this whole situation is quite clear though, people don’t seem very happy with Rooster Teeth;

People seem pretty upset.
Even some of Rooster Teeth’s most ardent white knights seem to be getting upset with the company;
The subreddit /r/RoosterTeeth has continually been a safe space where people promote mis-information and blindly support everything Rooster Teeth does.
Even they are starting to turn the tides against RT, from a post about Parrish’s potential departure;
If you don’t know who Ellie is, she was also associated with Rooster Teeth, here is a video covering her departure which as you can probably assume, also had its own drama.
Finally, one of the tweets Ellie made that some people took as throwing shade back at Rooster Teeth;
Unfortunately, the tweet it is replying to is no longer available…
… This is allegedly the tweet that was deleted however,
Well, the trash fire that is Rooster Teeth seems to still be burning. Some thought the fire would fade in 2020 after how terrible 2019 was for them but so far that does not seem to be the case.
Whatever happens next, we will be there to report on.

If you would like to support Christina’s work, she just launched a Kickstarter for a new project with Ellie Main;
( Thank you Mona for the news tip! )

Video discussion of this report;

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