As anyone who is a member of the RWBY community knows, you are constantly having to walk on thin ice due to the crazy fanatics who scour twitter and other forums looking for any little thing that they can deem as being offensive. On August 13th, popular RWBY fan artist @Sombrella3 caught their attention after she posted her very well cultured and well endowed drawing of Ruby on twitter. This maid uniform design with exposed cleavage is heavily inspired by Rita, a character from the popular anime mobile title Honki Impact 3rd. This drawing is the first in a series of four, all of which will re-imagine the costume designs of each member of team RWBY using Honki Impact 3rd characters for inspiration.

The vast majority of the RWBY community has come out in praise of this drawing for both its creativity and wide appeal.This outcry of joy drew the attention of the small tribe of crazed fanatics whom once again wanted to ruin everything that normal fans have come to love. In this instance they accused the artist of sexualizing a minor, since Ruby is canonically only 17 years old, by portraying her in what they deemed to be a skimpy maid outfit with exposed cleavage which have since been enlarged. That last part really makes them uncomfortable for some odd reason. Unfortunately for them, their defense of “she is only 17” falls flat due to the existence of the many rule 34 Ruby designs out on the internet as well as the many spicy fan fictions and drawings from various white rose shippers. Thankfully, the community began pushing back against these weirdos who are desperately looking for attention.Many of the defenders pointed out the irony in that various other RWBY characters in the series such as Yang, Neon, Pyrrha, and Emerald all have worn revealing outfits in past with no problems being raised about them.Once the fanatics realized that they were rapidly losing ground in this heated battle, they decided to resort to other tactics. One such person went for the more educational approach.Another fanatic tried to explain that the people defending the artist were the ones sexualizing Ruby in the comments and not them. They however lacked the self awareness to realize that they were talking about their own side.One extremely sad and desperate individual went so far as to tag twitter to try and get the artist suspended over their offensive drawing.In a last-ditch attempt to ink out a small victory for themselves they tried to ratio the tweet by spamming stick bug gifs. The very next day, @Sombrella3 posted another drawing this time of Weiss with an outfit inspired by Durandal. The reaction this time was mostly positive.Since most of these fanatics have nothing else going on in their lives, some of the same lonely and miserable people jumped ship from their losing battle over on the Ruby post to this new one to complain about how Weiss is also minor even tho she is canonically 19 years old and to also once again try to ratio the tweet by spamming stick bug gifs. Strangely enough this is not the end of this controversy. If you take a stroll over to the official RWBY subreddit the views of the people over there are an exact opposite of those found on twitter.

Between the two drawings Weiss, not Ruby, is the one that is considered to be the most offensive. Users are angry over her idealized appearance and lack of normal human anatomy.The Ruby drawing on the other hand has the majority of the users not only praising her depiction, but some are also falling head over heels over her attractiveness and had started leaving spicy comments and naughty fan fiction.The conversation was starting to get so spicy that a mod had to chime in and tell everyone to simmer down.

With Yang and Blake having their designs set to be released in the coming days, it will be interesting to see how the fanatical bumblebee shippers will react to them. Until then a huge shout to @Sombrella3 for creating these amazing fan inspired designs. If you want to see more of her amazing artwork you can follow her on twitter or on pixiv.

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