On July 10, 2020, NyanNet published a news report going over a terrible situation in the RWBY community.

Rooster Teeth, the company behind RWBY, teamed up with Full Sail University to hold a contest where users would submit their “Grimm”.

“The Creatures of Grimm, or just Grimm, are monsters inhabiting various parts of Remnant. The Grimm were originally created by the God of Darkness and their current master is Salem. They are described as “creatures of destruction” that lack a soul; hence, they are unable to use Aura. They are also drawn to feelings of negativity – such as envy, sadness, loneliness, hatred, etc – often congregating on the source of these emotions.”

The terrible part comes from what occurred to a finalist.

Mayuki, one of the 5 artists to reach the finals, was accused of both Plagiarism and Cultural Appropriation.

You can read the full report here, by clicking this hyper link.

Do know that both Full Sail University and Rooster Teeth ruled against the accusations of Plagiarism.

After reporting on the false accusations leveled at Mayuki, in video form and on-site, I did what any reasonable person would do.

I simply gave people the link to vote for her if they genuinely like her contest submission. This is what fanatics have a huge problem with, more on that and their double standards next.

Just so we are all on the same page here.

  1. Contest is held.
  2. Gets to the finals.
  3. An artist and others on social media accuse Mayuki, a finalist.
  4. RoosterTeeth and FullSail rule against the accusation.
  5.  I cover the news and give people a way to consider supporting the victim, on the caveat “If you like Mayuki’s submission”. Which is how a legitimate and fair vote is made to begin with.

Yet apparently, according to a mob on Twitter, I have done something very wrong here.

Mobs of fanatics began to accuse me next. Even another one of the finalist’s in the contest began to accuse me, we’ll cover that later on in the article.

Creating false accusations of doxxing and releasing private information, none of which is true and the proof is easily found in the aforementioned/linked content.







Sardeska will call someone a “fucking human rat” and then tweet things like this;

Fanatics also continue to refer to Mayuki as “problematic” when she is in fact a victim. Even after RoosterTeeth and FullSail rule against the accusations, the fanatics double down.

Let’s break this first claim down as well, this is a great example of how these fanatics lie and in the terminology they like to use; “gaslight”.

First of all, the video was not about “people criticizing the Wendigo” it was about a victim who was falsely accused and the companies organizing the event ruling against the accusations. News.

Second, that’s a lie to claim that “most people who saw my video voted for the Wendigo.”

The Wendigo has, as of writing this, around 1,500 votes.

My video has over 32,000 views.

There’s also no way of knowing how many people who did vote after viewing my video ended up voting for Mayuki or a different finalist, again, I did mention to only consider giving a vote for Mayuki if they actually liked her design.

There are many other vitriolic tweets that have been sent my way over the last 48 hours but let’s move onto the big news. One of the finalist’s accusations against me.

Tina Mickel is that finalist, her submission is the “Rotherium”.

As you know from the above coverage, legitimate voting was maintained.

Her tweet ended up sending more of those fanatics my direction, as they claim “harassment”, they actually harass others and blame the original victim, Mayuki.

What makes this claim from Tina so much worse is her hypocrisy. 

First, I responded.

Then we had a bit of discourse.

My last tweet where I mentioned for her to go ahead and post her convo’s… I never saw a response.

So Tina is apparently mad that the voting was “skewed” because I covered news about a victim and the relevant companies ruling on accusations.

Yet Tina has had MASSIVE promotion for her submission, it’s beyond hypocritical. I’ll show you that next.

Keep in mind that I simply told people who followed the news to consider voting for Mayuki if they enjoy her work.

Tina has people flat out telling others to vote for her.

That is indeed the voice of KORRA from AVATAR telling her fans to vote for Tina.

There’s more.

Tina also had the backing of the RWBY subreddit.

Here you can see she posted her submission to said reddit, which has over 130,000 members.

Also, notice how she mentioned being apart of “KRWBY”, that is likely referring to “KRWBY Productions”, a YouTube channel with almost 40,000 subscribers.

Let’s tally this up.

Tina is upset at me for merely asking people to CONSIDER voting for a contestant if they actually liked her work.

Tina has had;

  1. The voice of KORRA telling all her followers (40,000+) to vote for Tina.
  2. The RWBY subreddit promoting her submission (130,000+)
  3. KRWBY Productions promotions ( 37,000+)
  4. Countless fanatics all over Twitter and Tumblr telling people to vote for Tina.

Yet Tina and the fanatics are trying to paint me and my community out as bad people for standing with a Victim and reporting on news, assisting FullSail and Rooster Teeth by signal boosting their ruling.

It does come off like Tina is simply spiteful that all of the promotion she received still wasn’t enough to win, I don’t know what else can explain the absurd double standards.

It doesn’t end there.

The harassment that I have actually received from all of this has also resulted in my coverage being false flagged;

The fanatics also took my business email and used it to sign me up to numerous mailing lists, there’s plenty cut off from the screenshot but you get the idea.


Interesting how the spam email listings all come from the same IP,  that’s dedication. I wonder how much time they spent into doing that…

If only they used their time for productivity, kindness, and creation. Rather than negativity, toxicity, and destruction.

The irony to this? Well, I guess it wouldn’t be a “Grimm contest” without a bit of negativity. Perhaps everything fell into place.

We will continue helping victims whenever we can.

Fanatics won’t stop us.

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