On December 31st, 2019, Crunchyroll released a write up titled “Decade in Review: The Most Watched Anime of the Decade by Country”.

Part of that write up included a segment about RWBY and viewership in Japan over the decade.

“Now we need to talk about the elephant in the room. Japan, the country that invented and is majorly the origin point of most anime, watched RWBY, an American-made series, more than anything else. While a big part of this is the fact that most anime viewing in Japan doesn’t happen on Crunchyroll, the viewership of RWBY in Japan is actually quite impressive. Anime is becoming a truly global industry and fandom, and the fact that the country that invented anime has embraced a foreign animated series is a pretty beautiful indication of this.”

Notice how Crunchyroll specifically says that the claim is RWBY is the most watched anime on Crunchyroll, in Japan. A very important distinction. Crunchyroll further clarifies that most people in Japan don’t watch their anime on Crunchyroll, which really should not be a surprise to anybody.

However, even with Crunchyroll disclaiming that information, it didn’t stop certain fanatical RWBY viewers from taking to social media in order spread a false narrative.







The above user then “corrected” their post ( with more mis-information).

Finally on their 3rd attempt, they came close to posting the proper statistics by Crunchyroll. Not surprisingly while still trying to skew the narrative as much as possible.

In the RWBY fandom, Twitter has rapidly been becoming a place many avoid. Full of false information like the above and plenty of hate. If you have an opinion that falls out of line to what the majority believe on Twitter, you will likely be witch hunted for it.

Even a post that made it to /r/RWBY had reddit users clarifying that the statistics were specifically for RWBY viewership on Crunchyroll. Not overall viewership of anime in Japan this decade as some on Twitter would have you believe.

“As the article points out, most anime viewing in Japan does not happen on Crunchyroll. That said, I still think it is insanely impressive that RWBY beat out every other anime giant over the last 10 years. This is proof that RWBY is truly an international phenomenon, and that it has found acceptance in the very country where the vast majority of anime originates from.”

“A disclaimer they indicate is that there are other ways than Crunchyroll to watch anime, and Crunchyroll Japan has a limited selection.

So basically Crunchyroll is the most convenient way for the Japanese audience to watch the show.

I wonder if RWBY is still as popular in Japan. I’ve heard the popularity of the show died down with V4 either due to a lack of dub or the fact the Japanese audience prefered the school setting of V1-3 over the adventure setting of V4-6.”

It is true that RWBY was becoming quite popular in Japan some years back. The western animated series by Rooster Teeth even receiving it’s own Japanese dub. However, there has not been much news regarding RWBY in Japan since. According to Google Trends, RWBY interest in Japan saw a brief, sharp rise. Then a steady fall and has been rather obsolete since. The interest in the United States, according to Google Trends, is also not looking great; with most of the interest by far occurring back in 2016 and trending down since.

The message here is, hopefully to the surprise of no one reading this; be careful what you read on Twitter.

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  • Enigma  January 9, 2020 at 2:56 am

    Want to hear something funny? @alle1304 is apparently mad that you didn’t acknowledge all of their “corrections” in regards to them saying RWBY was the most watched anime in Japan.
    I did an advanced search on Twitter. Excluding alle, absolutely none of them say anything about being wrong. @SHSLChris comes the closest as he’s the only one to acknowledge things once he has it pointed out that it’s most watched on CR, but he just talks in circles and won’t admit he was actually wrong with his comments being along the lines of “where did I say that!?”

  • Enigma  January 9, 2020 at 2:59 am

    Going with my previous comment: everyone mentioned here was tagged by me on Twitter. If I get proven wrong and missed something, then so be it. I’ll at least admit I was wrong. However, I fully expect some of them to try and make a Tweet that corrects what they said and attempt to pass it off as something you ignored days after the fact.

  • Tomeus Kalle  January 9, 2020 at 10:04 pm

    Another day of certain RWBY fans being in denial and not paying attention.

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