RoosterTeeth just announced new RWBY merch on July 9th, 2020.

I noticed the tweet seemed to have a reply, or replies, hidden…

When the icon is clicked to see what is going on, here is what you are met with;

“Trinity” promoting his own TeeChip listing for RoosterTeeth’s merchandise.

It’s understandable why Rooster Teeth would hide these tweets.

Let’s check out the link;



The “fake” listing.

It seems Rooster Teeth has taken swift action against this listing, as you can see it is under review.

Also, if we look at the actual listing on RoosterTeeth’s store page, the scammer even undercut RT by a couple dollars.

I’m not sure where the scammer came up with the price point of $25.95 though, a dollar more than RoosterTeeth’s. Perhaps he thought it looked like a better discount.

Due to how TeeChip is setup, I believe the scammer likely just ripped the design from Rooster Teeth and uploaded it to TeeChip. From there, TeeChip fulfills the creation and distribution, while receiving a cut of the sales. Similar websites have implemented content id systems to offset such scams, I am unsure if TeeChip has such a system and it failed, or if they don’t have such anyways.

The con, of course, comes from the scammer selling copyrighted material that he doesn’t own and also providing what is likely to be an inferior product as he had to rip the design from RoosterTeeth’s images(most likely).

Regardless, with RoosterTeeth flagging the listing, it doesn’t seem this went well for the scammer.

However, they have not only targeted Rooster Teeth…


Be careful out there, everyone.

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  • Treydius Maximus  July 12, 2020 at 12:18 pm

    Street parking is THEFT? I don’t get it. 🤣😂

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