DMCA has been notoriously easy to abuse, especially on YouTube.

In an exceptional twist of fate, it seems people are reporting that Toei took down their own channel via copyright.

@ZaGorudan posted the news to Twitter, informing people, which accumulated over 10,000 likes and 2,600+ retweets.

They then further mocked Toei in an anecdotal and comedic way.

Although, the comedy was short lived, apparently after an hour or so the Toei channel discussed here ( “TOEI TOKUSATSU WORLD OFFICIAL” was restored.

Not that I am complaining. I do hope eventually, DMCA “quirks” so to speak and abuse, will not be as easy to occur as it is now.

That doesn’t mean we can’t laugh at this short-lived, minor, mistake from Toei.

I also went to the channel to check it out, seems things are still back to “normal”.

Not just that, it seems the incident has actually boosted Toei’s publicity. The channel originally having 24.1K subscribers in the picture posted on Twitter by Gorudan and now, as of my checking the channel out and taking a screen shot – it’s at 34K.

Comedy of the situation aside, user Rine, mentions a point many probably thought of themselves;

The restoration did indeed seem to happen at an expedited rate, especially given YouTube’s prior statements of currently having less time to review content given the current state of the world.

Some of the responses and memes posted in response to Toei’s mistakes were made moment.

Video discussion of this report;

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  • Shawn0071986  April 11, 2020 at 4:21 pm

    Wow. That deserves a Damn son.

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