David Leavitt, a blue check on Twitter, with well over 200,000 followers has seemingly decided to use his “influence” to bully a Target manager because she allegedly refused to sell him a toothbrush that he claims was labeled for only $0.01.

A reasonable person would probably understand that the toothrbush, which appears to be an Oral-B Pro 5000 in his picture( similar items priced on Amazon sell around $89.94 ) being marked for $0.01 is probably a simple mistake (which is also debatable as the picture David Leavitt tweeted appears to show the $0.01 price being for a display item, so the mistake may be entirely on him).

However, it seems David Leavitt had other plans, taking to Twitter to not only put the blame on Target but also Tori, allegedly the store manager who refused to make the sale.

As you can see below, his Tweet even included her photo. I can’t imagine the mindset someone would have to not only bully a retail employee but to also blatantly take their picture and then post it online to over 200,000 followers. Apparently he even called the Police over this incident… This all, however, backfired terribly on David Leavitt.

The Tweets are also Archived, you can find them here.

As if his own Tweets were not embarrassing enough, the public was quick to point out inconsistencies with his story.

It also seems like David Leavitt has somewhat of a history using his Twitter “influence” to try and demand things from companies.

Allegedly he also steals content. Stealing content to re-post on Twitter for likes/engagement is a common tactic by people, unfortunately. This is always a rather scummy thing to do but keep in mind that David Leavitt also claims to be an “Award-Winning Multimedia Journalist” in his Twitter bio.

The backlash continued.

Even Daniel I. Lampke, an attorney at LamkeLaw LLC, commented on the situation.

The official Target Twitter account responded as well.

David’s response? Hinting at a potential lawsuit.

These of corse are only a few of the responses David Leavitt received, which were mostly a combination of laughing at him and/or being disgusted.

The story does have a pleasant ending however. A GoFundMe was created by Twitter user @CarpeDonktum.

The GoFundMe can be found here, at the time of writing this it has already accumulated over $17,000.

Finally, his more recent Tweets have been getting terribly ratio’d. Tori has over $17,000 raised for her and David’s attempt at mocking the unfortunate manager, seems to have backfired entirely on him.

( A heartfelt thanks for 13thprotector for the news tip! )

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