Early on the evening of April 6th, a Twitter user going by the handle @BazihuMains drop an alleged rumor that Mihoyo is holding back the next map update titled “The Chasm” and the next region Inazuma on purpose in order to be used during a time where the companies profits begin seeing a decline in order to maximize profits. This rumor comes at a time where a large portion of the fan base has become increasingly frustrated over the last few months over the lack of permanent end game content and replayability.

In what appears to be the straw that broke the camel’s back, the fan base took to both Twitter and Reddit to express their anger over the unconfirmed hearsay. Things for the most part remained quite civil in the Reddit community while on the other hand, the mob on Twitter decided to weaponize the anger toward Mihoyo to push forward their own narratives and getting #boycottgenshin trending. Before we go any further it is important to note that the community for this franchise appears to be divided between Twitter and the official subreddit so much so that the subreddit community themselves are not only laughing at those using the hashtag but going as far as to distance themselves from those in the Twitter Genshin community. With that said, the Twitter mob without any context began spouting out nonsensical accusations of racism, pedophilia, etc. just cause at the time it was popular to “jump on the hate train” so to speak. Many of these accusations were quickly destroyed by players of the game who actually payed attention to the lore of the world, however, this did not stop the fake outrage from continuing on throughout the night and into the next day.

A third party on Twitter hijacked the hashtag to both meme on the situation and or thirst over their favorite waifu and husbando. This thirsting and memeing along with the fact that many of the more reasonable players knew that these people could never quite this game even if they wanted to led to the attempted change from #boycottgenshin to #DoBetterMihoyo. As of yet, Mihyoyo has yet to make a statement, and even if they do they will more than likely brush it off just like they have been doing all this time to actual community feedback. With player frustration having reached its peak it only a matter of time before either Tower of Phantasy or Blue Protocol, two upcoming anime-style MMOs, start chipping away at Genshin Impacts’ player base. Only time will tell.

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