On January 18th, the official trailer for Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro dropped on twitter to both the cheers of fans as well as to the shrieks of horror coming from those miserable few who seem to view this character as the second most evil being in all of existence next to the lovable and smug Uzaki-chan.

A quick reminder, back in December 2020 when the concept art was first revealed, the art alone was enough to trigger a massive outpouring of vile hatred toward the series and its fan base. You can refer to the previous article here to see how that played out. I will never understand how a simple character like Uzaki-chan and now Nagatoro can cause so much misery for some people. Also, the fact that a cute, mischievous girl like Nagatoro can create more controversy than the dark, graphic fantasy series Redo no Hero is quite the accomplishment in of itself. In what I am dubbing the Uzaki-chan effect, this show will more than likely meet the same level of success as its predecessor and will go on to be a smash hit in manga sales and have a second season all but guaranteed due to its increased popularity. Good times are ahead for fans of the series. Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro is scheduled to release sometime in April 2021.

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