In the latest episode of How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Omega, a member of the Hololive rabbit hole noticed a character in the background of Zircon Tower City that seemingly looked like Hololive’s own Usada Pekora.

A user on r/Hololive posted the above image which strongly resembles Usada Pekora herself. The evidence that this is the case appears to be backed up by several key features that both the idol and the character in the screenshot shared between them. This could be nothing but a coincidence and even if so it is at least an honest nod towards the idol herself.

Some of the key features that the background character shares with Pekora are her signature twin braids with matching carrot accessories both placed in the exact height positions as those on her Hololive model. Another prominent feature is Pekora’s signature scarf like pet Don-chan can be found wrapped around the neck of the background character as well. Also, the length of the hair and style of the front of the background character’s face looks to be an exact match to Usada Pekora. All this circumstantial evidence has many Hololive fans concluding that this cameo is indeed intentional.


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