Throughout 2019, Voice Actor Vic Mignogna has endured a bombardment of smears from the self titled, “KickVic”, harassment campaign.

An article we posted on January 5th, 2020 ( hyperlink ) goes over how KickVic started and what they plan to do throughout 2020 in their continued attempts to ruin Mignogna’s career.

Unfortunately for KickVic, not only have they failed to ruin Mignogna but their slanderous attacks on the man have caused him to gain more support than ever. The anime community by and large rallying to defend him from the disgusting smear campaign. KickVic’s “plans” backfiring spectacularly.

A recent signing event Mignogna had at hobby store Awesome Collectibles, in Bell California, has shown that first hand.

You see, KickVic attempted to get Awesome Collectibles to cancel Vic Mignogna’s signing event by leaving slanderous remarks online and even fake Yelp reviews.

To which reasonable people reported and Yelp removed.

As mentioned, other KickVic members took to Twitter to try and ruin the signing event, also failing terribly.

This shows the insanity of the people taking part in the KickVic harassment campaign. They will go to severe lengths to try and achieve their goals. Defaming people and even leaving fake reviews that can damage a businesses reputation.

As we mentioned though, this backfired on KickVic. The event at Awesome Collectibles did not end up canceled at all, how did it go?

Take a look.



Over 700 people came out to Awesome Collectibles to meet Vic Mignogna. You can feel the positive energy radiating from everyone.

This was not just a success for Vic Mignogna and those who got to meet him but also for the local businesses as well. Awesome Collectibles of course receiving a huge boost to their customer traffic that day but the other local businesses as well, as people satisfied themselves at the nearby Ice Cream and Pizza Shops while waiting in line.

Often times, such signing events take place at Conventions, but the amazing results here show that Vic Mignogna can really go anywhere and have a huge turnout. Hundreds to thousands of people happy to meet Mignogna and the entire event also being a boon to local businesses as well.

YouTube channels Memeology101 and HeroHei also covered the event;


If you made it this far, we will let you in on a little secret. Mignogna’s only weakness is being called short, luckily KickVic has not yet realized this.



Ultimately, I am very excited to see the positivity continue throughout 2020 as Mignogna attends more events. I look forward to covering them and hopefully I will see you all there!

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