Fanatical RWBY Shippers ( I like to make a distinction between normal shippers who just have fun, and the fanatics who obsess over ships and make things truly bizarre ) have had a lot of bad circumstances recently. Now it seems they’re doubling down.

Just in the last week there has been two major incidents with the fanatical side of the RWBY shipping community.

First, they were going insane over fanart that someone commissioned on their birthday.

Video coverage of the fanart incident;

Next, after their ship “Fair Game/ Lucky Charms ” ( Qrow x Clover ) failed, they began turning all their rage against RWBY and RoosterTeeth. Some even sent death threats to the production team.


This user above, “airam413”, has apparently since deleted their Twitter or at least changed their handle. As you can see @RavenKnight89 calls them out but the tweet is no longer available and the account defaults to a “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist” message.



Video coverage of the death threats and accusations towards RWBY/ RT;


With the RWBY Shipping community looking bad enough this week because of these fanatics dragging the community down, you would think that they might take a step back and look at their actions?

Apparently not. The fanatical shippers, instead, are acting like they’re victims;

“we’re like the smartest people in the RWBY fandom”

A truly bizzare statement. Again, no one is messing with shippers. Shippers are fine. It’s the fanatics who go out of their way to attack others and send death threats to people that are being called out, yet here some would rather play the victim as opposed to doing what’s reasonable.

“we’re very observant, know the characters, and can hold our own against everyone!”ย 

I’m not even sure what this means, hold their own against what exactly?

Again, just bizarre all around… Which seems to be somewhat routine for this person. As they have, in the past, attempted a smear campaign full of libel among other things;

In this thread @Beekind15 and @CrimsonXE attempted to run a smear campaign. Included were insults and libel. They were outraged because a thumbnail by “Hammertime” became memed. Nothing was stolen. Hammertime herself never got involved with this situation, we have no issue with her at all, but these strange people attempted to drag her into their nonsense.

Oh no, making sexual comments about Neo!? NO! WHO WOULD DO THAT!?

( Great art by Acefish! )

Spoiler alert: The video is still up, as is the thumbnail;

These fanatics really aren’t proving any of us wrong!

( Thank you Rose for the news tip! )

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  • Enigma  January 27, 2020 at 9:15 pm

    โ€œweโ€™re like the smartest people in the RWBY fandomโ€
    Let’s be fair here, the insane shippers are likely the smartest by default considering how many folks have dropped RWBY/RT in the last year.

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