On July 11, 2020 Sword Art Online (SAO): Alicization – War of the Underworld Part 2 finally debuted after having been postponed due to Viro-Chan’s interference. What was supposed to be a celebration of joy for the community turned into shrieks of unrelenting horror and terror as the pearl clutcher’s witnessed the unspeakable act of having one their beloved characters violated by glowing tentacles during a fight scene. “It made me feel uncomfortable” they would exclaim to varying degrees.

Right on cue they took to twitter to air their grievances. Many claimed that SAO once again is promoting rape culture and that the animation director should be fired for this decision. Also, one tweet mentions that they were glad that they censored (covered up) Leafa during this scene yet it’s still to triggering for them to watch. Further evidence that even censoring material will not be enough for these fragile minds.

I have seen my fair share of tentacle hentai and what was on display is so tame and watered down in comparison that it makes me generally worried what would happen to these individual’s minds if they saw the real thing.

One person mentioned in the light novel that the original scene was more toned down and that the animation studio went of the rails and made it into something it was not. They went further to insinuate that Japanese twitter was outraged just like them.

Yeah……. about that. I don’t think this person follows Japanese twitter, cause according to them they were hoping Leafa would be more exposed like in the original light novels, so if anything the studio toned it down and left Japanese twitter questioning why?

To end on a positive note, just know its only western twitter that had a problem with this scene. Every else I looked, places like MAL and other anime discussion forums, people either just ignore it or have a good laugh about their being a hentaiesque scene in their favorite anime. Just goes to show you twitter is not the real world.




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