This tweet by @MonkpikiQuinn causing a commotion across the platform today and now “Orcs” are trending in personalized trends in the United States. (4/26/20)


@Kullervo1979 chymed in as well when the point was questioned by @Taperat, who seemed to associate Orcs to “black and brown people” for some reason.

To a reasonable person, an Orc is just that, an Orc… Depending on the verse, depictions of Orc’s may differ to varying degrees, but most people understand that Orc’s are… Orc’s. Apparently to Kullervo and Monkipi however, they see Orc’s as “black and brown people” for some strange reason.

More and more rebuttals ensued…


As Monkipi continued to receive backlash, he began to even censor some of the responses. This particular response in his thread being hidden.

Let’s find the hidden tweet…

There we have it. I guess Monkipi really didn’t like being called out for their racist hot-take.

Reminds me of the report we published yesterday about ResetEra censoring posts that went against their narrative about Barret and Square Enix being racist in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Apparently this tweet from @AntisocialJW2 features 4 of people who were spearheading today’s hot take on Orcs and racism. We know the first image is @MonkipiQuinn.

Another seems to be @katiequixotic, who had this to say shortly before going into protected mode.


Katie then went further beyond, creating a safe space for their hypocrisy as they toggled their Twitter profile into protected mode.

Going into protected as soon as some people disagree with your take, really shows how much you believe in your own merit! /s

Currently, “Orc’s” are still in the personalized trends of some users and this situation is likely to continue developing. That’s enough madness for now though, I’m out.

Video discussion on this topic;

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