Previously we reported on a situation where a talented and well known artist; MiLk, was harassed on Twitter by weird, bigoted, people who demanded she apologize and delete her art.

Well, now we have another story of another talented artist ( @kiravera8 ) posting content they worked hard on, onto Twitter – only to result in backlash.

For those unfamiliar, the art features Fire Emblem characters crossed over as Pokemon Characters. In this case, the Galar starter’s final evolutions; (left to right) Inteleon, Cinderace, Rillaboom.

There is the apology. Luckily, this artist, Kira, didn’t delete her art. Although, apologizing was likely a mistake. So why is there outrage? Because Claude is Rillaboom and virtue signaling weirdos on Twitter are claiming that’s racist.

“Once again another artist being harassed by the woke alphabet squad from tumblr. This time for drawing a fire emblem character as a pokemon, this artist has done basically all Fire emblem Three houses characters as pokemon but this time it is racist because…….apparently their was only racial ideas coming into play here when drawing all 3 head of houses as Starters. Its not the size or the way they look in comparison, its not that Cinderace is the more feminine starter or Inteleon is the more edgy one no its because Claude is a……I am not gonna say it lol”

There’s the explanation, here’s some of the anger, it seems many posts have been deleted after being called out for their unreasonable faux outrage;

And some in support;

You can follow the artist at @kiravera8 on Twitter and of course clicking the Tweets works too!

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