The other day, news was discussed regarding a senator attempting to “ban” anime, or at least add additional regulations and a thorough “re-review of all anime and manga”.

If you missed that news, this video discusses it briefly, as well as the recent update regarding the proposals apparent failure;

Well, apparently woke Twitter decided to use this opportunity to feed the anime community fake news in a pathetic attempt at furthering their own agenda;


Curious by the claims that the senator was a conservative, I decided to do some simple searches regarding his ( Senator Stirling Griff ‘s ) political affiliation.

Here were the results;

Stirling Griff (born 2 December 1957) is an Australian politician who has been a Senator for South Australia since 2016, representing the Nick Xenophon Team and Centre Alliance.[3][4] His party changed its name from Nick Xenophon Team (NXT) led by Senator Nick Xenophon to Centre Alliance in April 2018 after Xenophon ceased to be connected with the party. He served as deputy leader of the party in the Senate until April 2018, when it adopted its current name. He was also the NXT spokesperson for health, immigration and communications.[5]


Centre Alliance, formerly known as the Nick Xenophon Team (NXT), is a centrist[6] political party in Australia based in the state of South Australia. It presently holds two seats in the Australian Senate and one seat in the House of Representatives of Australia.”


And if anything, it seems that the party leans more to the left;

“The party’s ideological focus is a combination of centrism, social liberalism and populism, drawing from the positions of Xenophon. Its present members have variously declared support for same-sex marriage, reform of the Australian Intelligence Community, action on climate change, support for military veterans, affordable tax cuts, Australian-made manufacturing, including defence-industry spending and legalising euthanasia.[9][10][11][12][13]

I also looked for other sources as well, regarding Senator Griff’s political affiliation, and I was unable to find any sources that back up the claims of him being a conservative.

Everything seems to point to him being a centrist historically and currently.

If by any chance I did miss something from Senator Griff’s past, where he may have been apart of the Conservative party in Australia, one thing seems undeniable regardless – Senator Griff during his proposal to “ban/re-review/restrict/etc anime” claims to be apart of the Centre Alliance which as it sounds, is a centrist political party.

Finally, some people did call out the fake information in the tweet. Not surprisingly, those tweets promoting honesty and integrity didn’t receive much attention.

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